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Hear From Our Happy Visitor

I loved the spectacular marine animal display at the splash safari (Singapore Zoo), especially the way the show was presented to highlight the plight of sea lions due to marine pollution.

Jeffry Ananta AdiIndonesia

This is my first time to Singapore and we are racing against time to visit all the major tourist attractions! Am very pleased with the cleanliness in this country.

Roich UddinBangladesh

I would like to see more maps and information on areas lesser known to tourists, like East Coast and Katong for those of us who love exploring places that are off the beaten track. The strangest fruit I've eaten was the durian - the smell is definitely from another world!

David ZwadloGermany

The service of the public transportation needs improvement. The bus system does not provide route maps. I like the central catchment areas and went trekking at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve twice.

Lee Jong-HoonSouth Korea

Everything is perfectly organised in Singapore and it is so easy to get a taxi anywhere, anytime. It is also most interesting to be able to try different kinds of cuisine from all over the world here. Sentosa and Clarke Quay are great places to visit. But the weather is simply too hot!

Dino di GiovanniItaly

I’m surprised that the buses here don’t announce which stops you arrive at. I appreciate best the way things are managed efficiently here. I find the National Day-related activities most interesting. I will miss the kindness of Singaporeans.

Roch LeeChina

There is certainly good law and order here. The city is also clean, as expected. We like the Night Safari and Fort Canning Park. The best thing is the preservation of history and World War II architecture. We will miss Singapore's food most.

Mr & Mrs Ian TileBrisbane, Australia

I have heard about the Michael Fay case and the banning of chewing gum, but this is my fourth time here nevertheless. I have visited the major attractions and have not encountered a single bad experience so far. I like Singapore for its nice warm weather, variety of food and ease of getting around.

Joseph AronEngland

I enjoyed the Hippo river cruise very much. I also like the beautiful view of Boat Quay at night. Singapore is indeed very clean but the weather is very hot.

Kim Young-JinKorea

Although I had heard much about Singapore being a clean and efficient city, I am more amazed by the ethnic mix and variety of food here. Sentosa is a great place to hang out!

Ajit K.India

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