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Hear From Our Happy Visitor

Before I came here I had heard Singapore was well-developed with the best facilities in the region. I have found this to be true indeed. I have visited Singapore many times, mostly for shopping. I like the attractions too. But, I hope the people here can be friendlier.

Amelia RamadhaniIndonesia

The Singapore Flyer stands out – the scenery, dinner and champagne are memorable. The dinner I had at Night Safari is also something different. Sentosa island is very convenient for tourists as hotels and entertainment are in one location.

Gary OhMalaysia

The heat and humidity is the one thing I dislike here. What I like best is that it is a clean country, and it is very safe to hire taxis or walk around at night. I also would like to see the “old” part of Singapore more, so I hope the authorities will not “over-develop” the historical buildings and areas here. I won't say Singaporeans are an unfriendly lot; I believe everywhere, it depends on the individual's personality.

Rosmary CrahartWales

I appreciate that there are no traffic jams here, and that the people are rather friendly. I come here for shopping once a year, and I mostly go to the shopping centres at Orchard and Somerset. I also like Vivocity. I would like to come for a medical check-up at the Thomson Medical Centre the next time. The medical check-ups here are expensive, but I trust their standard better compared to Thailand and even my home country Indonesia.

Shierly KhoIndonesia

We enjoy shopping at Orchard Road. We had a wonderful dinner at the Les Amis restaurant at Shaw Centre. The chef was very friendly. We also like the coffee at TCC.

Mr & Mrs MuallerAustria

The city is clean, very clean at times which gets irritating when you want to chew gum or have the occasional cigarette! Sentosa island is vibrant with activities but the beach itself isn’t the best. Public transport is very tidy and clean and the malls are Amazing! AMAZING! A visit to Sentosa is a must as well. Zouk Singapore is a world-renowned club and is a fun night out!

Yazan MarmashJordan

Although I am surprised to hear about the fines for chewing gum and eating durians in the MRT, it is refreshing to find that most people speak English here. I’ve been to Orchard Road and Vivocity. I like the big Japanese bookstore, Kinokuniya, at Takashimaya in Orchard. I am checking out Bee Cheng Hiang’s barbequed pork at Chinatown later.

Clariesse Jami ChanManila, the Philippines

The pace of living here is much slower than I would expect from a regional hub, but I find it very comfortable in comparison with cities like New York and London. What's most interesting is you can kind of discover the whole of Asia here, yet there is also a sense of comfort and safety found in European cities. I will miss the food!


I had expected Singapore to be cleaner and it's standard of English, higher. But it is very “international” with good connections to other Asian countries, and is a very safe city. I like Sentosa beach, Clarke Quay and Vivocity. I enjoy the mild temperature and beautiful skyline at night. The food courts have good and cheap food, and there are lots of clubs to go to for a fantastic night out.

Franziska KarmanGermany

Singapore is vibrant and efficient. I have come here for the Great Singapore Sale and I am amazed by the large number of brands available on this tiny island. I like the efficient and easy-to-use transportation system best, the hot and humid weather least. I will miss the malls most – there seems to be one in every area – and the great service at the retail shops. The strangest thing I have eaten here is chocolate  prata (Indian pancake). The best food is of course chicken rice!

Lim Li HsingMalaysia

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