Skydive Indoors: iFly Singapore

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Skydive Indoors: iFly Singapore

December 03, 2019

Experience the thrill of skydiving in the safe environs of iFly Singapore, one of the world’s largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel facility located on Sentosa Island, next to Beach Station.

Spanning 16.5ft wide and 56.5ft tall, it’s the only wind tunnel with an 18ft tall acrylic glass wall that offers captivating views of South China Sea and Siloso Beach.

Enjoy the weightlessness with no need for jumping or plunging. Best of all, you wouldn't need to worry about bad weather!
 Not only is it fun and exciting, it is a full-body workout for everyone – from first-time flyers as young as 7 years old or as old as 106 years old, to professional skydivers.

There is a safety net at the base and the wall-to-wall airflow with its multiple fans technology ensures flyers never experience turbulence or fall out of the airflow.

Flight gear is provided, along with professional training and experienced guidance from the International Bodyflight Association (IBA) certified instructors.

 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday: 9am – 9.30pm (first flight at 10am, last flight at 9.30pm)
 Wednesday: 11am – 9.30pm (first flight at noon, last flight at 9.30pm)

The Teaser (one skydive)
– $89 walk-in 
The Challenge (two skydives) – $119 walk-in & all time slots online, $109 normal time online*, $89 super off-peak online*

*online purchase must be made two days in advance

 The stainless steel elastic net at the base of iFly Singapore’s wind tunnel is strong enough to hold two adult elephants or 200 people weighing 100kg each!
 The usual body flight wind speed ranges from 160kph to 190kph, but at iFly Singapore, the four fans running the wind tunnel weighs a whopping 7 tonnes each and can produce airspeeds of up to 300kph, faster than the average speed of an F1 car!
• The Guinness World Record for the “most skydivers in a wind tunnel” was set at iFly Singapore at a record of 13!

Photos courtesy of iFly Singapore


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